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Business Relations


Who are we?

Sura Tradings understand your requirements with a sense of business ethics and the importance of customer satisfaction. We exceed the expectations of all our clients enabling us to build and maintain strong business relations.

What do we do?

Continuously providing highly sought after opportunities within Africa, India, China & Europe; businesses are able to pick and choose from SuraTradings wide range of suppliers and their resources.

Why are we different?

At Sura, we believe we have the power to bring change in ways of doing conventional business. With the extensive list of resources; we also provide you with a wealth of knowledge by our experienced team of advisors. Adding value to clients business with an in depth understanding of the products and services purchased from us, we offer an ongoing advisory relationship that Is at the disposal to all our clients.

What is our commitment?

Our commitment is our time, our interest and amount of care we put into your business needs. No matter how big or small your purchase may be; we ensure a smooth and professional service at all times. Providing you, with a personalized focus into your requirements; we assure you that our excellence in service and experience will leave you with 100% satisfaction. We have the highest rate of returning long term cliental.