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Products & Services


Sura Trading is a diverse company. We have a specialized team to direct the Food and Beverage Market within Africa, with a considerably large presence in Malawi , Botswana &Tanzania. There is a rapidly fast growing demand in other parts of Africa that are being looked into.

Bringing luxury foreign brands to Africa from the UK, including exotic fruit beverages and an African branded energy drink, has brought high success rates and a demand popularity to this division for Sura Trading Ltd. Plans for expansion are already underway to bring in fresh produce and raw foods from Asia.


We are licensed and registered to work within the ever growing and highly regulated Pharmaceutical industry. We are currently supplying to an increasing number of business and hospitals who require drugs, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and blood products on an ongoing basis. Our price ranges remain highly competitive for new and existing contracts.

We also provided an extensive range of; raw chemicals for mining, metals, an intensive list of medical equipment and all other medicinal related resources used by hospitals, private clinics and governments.


We at Sura Trading deal in exportation of trucks and light and heavy-duty vehicles mainly from the UK and China. Our Transportation division offers a cost effective solution to any organizations transportational needs within Botswana and the Southern African region. Our commitment to clients is enhanced by excellence in assuring that all transportational needs are met from start to finish with a large range of option that can be tailor made.